Yearbook gears up for future edition as last year’s is released

The school yearbook is a class that meets during third period and makes the yearbook every year. The class meets daily to work on layout designs, takes pictures of the student body, and covers big events. The club this year has twelve members dedicated to creating the yearbook. The theme for this year’s issue is “One to One”.

  The yearbook advisor, Kristi Stewart, chose the theme to be “One to One”, as it is all about the students and learning more about one another.

  “It is our little nod to the iPads, but do not fear this will not be a book all about iPads because we are not crazy! We are thinking more one to one like ’We wanna know more about you. Tell us a little somethin’ somethin’,” Stewart explained.

  This year the 15-16 yearbook were released on Thursday, September 22nd.

  The staff works long and hard to make the annual yearbook and are dedicated to getting the book done. The girls even spend time working over the summer by attending a three day yearbook camp.

  Senior Andrea Zawadzki has participated for all four years of her high school career.

  “We go to yearbook camp every summer. It’s three days and you basically come up with your theme, your colors your fonts, your designs, and you make the cover of your book so when you get back to school it’s easier to put everything together,” Zawadzki explained.

  The yearbook is a great way to get involved at school, meet new people, and make new friendships.

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