Thank someone who has served this Veterans Day

This coming Saturday, November 11th is Veterans Day. A day honoring those who have served and are currently serving our country in the United States Armed Forces during both times of war and peace. Veterans Day is a special time for many people who have had or are currently serving as well as those who have family serving in the US military. With over 2,440,000 active duty military personnel as of 2015, having a relative who is serving or has previously served is not uncommon. Veterans Day is a great time for members of a community to show their gratitude and appreciation to these people who have served or given their lives for our country. Especially around the time of Thanksgiving, it is always important to show how thankful we are for their service.

   As a student at Darby, you can show your appreciation by thanking the staff members at Darby who have served. Social studies teacher, Michael Weer, served in the U.S. Navy for 6 years and Guidance counselor, Norb Fischer served six years in the United States Army Reserve. Fischer and Weer both believe that serving has taught them some important things that apply to both students and adults.

   Weer believes that serving in the US Navy allowed him to prepare for college and gave him another option and different opportunities after High School.

   “[Serving in the Navy] gave me an avenue that certainly allowed me to mature,” Weer explains, “It’s not quite that same traditional, everyone telling you what to do. Now it’s all you, and it’s kind of a transition.”

   Weer also went on to explain how serving can help prepare you for another career outside of the service. He says that there are lots of jobs in the military that lend themselves to other career paths and can help student figure out what they might want to do in the future.

   Fischer also learned a lot from serving in the United States Army Reserves.
“I learned to appreciate that serving in uniform is often more glamorous on TV and social media than in real life,” Fischer says, “I would suggest choosing to serve for more than simply the financial benefits. First and foremost do it because you want to serve your nation and those around you.”

   Fischer also offered advice to students thinking about joining the army. He explained how quickly you can go from living a normal life to being deployed to the other side of the globe. Fischer says that this is much easier to do this when you are serving for a cause that you feel strongly about and not just because of the financial benefits, such as free college tuition.

   Fischer plans to celebrate Veterans Day by reflecting on his time in the service and remembering those who served alongside him.

   “I was fortunate enough to serve with amazing men and women, some who paid the ultimate price,” Fischer said, “on Veterans Day, I take the time to reflect back on my time in the military and think of the difficult experiences many of my fellow soldiers endured.”

   There are many other ways people are honoring veterans this Veterans Day. Some restaurants such as Chipotle and Dunkin’ Donuts are offering free or discounted meals to active duty and retired military veterans. Also, most barber shops, car shops and car washes offers free services (free haircut, oil change, car wash, etc.) on Veterans Day. To see all of the participating restaurants and stores visit Remember to thank a veteran this Veterans Day for their service and have a happy Veterans Day.

  A huge thank you for your service to all veterans from the Panther Press staff.

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