Students’ donations save lives

The blood drive will be taking place Thursday, October 27th. Students can sign up everyday in the lunch tables until the 24th. One can donate at 17 on their own, or at 16 years old with parent’s permission.

   English teacher and PAWs club advisor Erica Golden encouraged everyone who is able to donate to do so.

  “If people donate it can save lives,” Golden explained.

   Ms. Golden also explains to us that for every one person that donates blood, three people are saved. The blood drive is beneficial to people all over the country who have a blood issue that cannot be fixed by medication. This is something they have to get from other humans.

  “It teaches the younger to be generous and they are our future, hopefully they get in the habit of this ; we need to help the community to be able to make things work,” Golden said.

  If you sign up make sure to eat breakfast and bring an ID with your picture on the day of the Blood Drive.

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