Sophomores win intramural basketball championship

The intramural basketball championship game on Thursday, February 9th, ended with a win for team BAM!, comprised entirely of Sophomores. BAM! went head to head against the upperclassmen Team Seven. Despite the loss for Team Seven, both teams worked hard  for the 13-12 score.


   Although the twenty minute game started a little slow, the fight for the win made up for it. To tie the score at twelve points, Team Seven’s Senior Andre Berry had an ‘and one’, where he was fouled while scoring, and then scored again in his free throw. Berry was wearing jersey number 12 , as his whole team brought their own jerseys. Sophomore Nick Esposito fouled for the final and winning point of the game. That didn’t stop an extremely close full court shot from Andre, but unfortunately for him and his teammates, the shot wasn’t close enough.


 The uncommon Thursday night event had its single stand packed, even after a two dollar or canned food item entry fee. Assistant Principal Matt Middleton, gym teacher Nathan Geers, and teacher Jonathan Figel provided great refereeing.


  Middleton and Assistant Principal Chris Shulte area in charge of Intramurals. The different activities they have are basketball, bowling, euchre, and ping pong, which Middleton expressed is important for students.


  “Not everyone has the time or skill to play, and we give them the opportunity to do that,” explained Middleton.


  Intramural is a term for recreational sports that usually play within their own school.
At Darby, intramural basketball began in early January. This is the second year of intramural basketball after a couple year break. The ten student-formed teams played weekly up until the final game. Every player was charged five dollars to play with their team.


 February 14th at 7 o’clock BAM will play the Davidson Intramural Champions and all proceeds will go to charity.


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