Hurricane Irma devastates the Carribean

After hearing about Hurricane Harvey in Texas, the world thought the worst was over. People evacuated on ski jets, pets were transported in trash cans, houses trashed, and lives were ruined. Unfortunately, it was only the beginning.

  Hurricane Irma was categorized as a Category 3 hurricane at first, but rose to a Category 5 over the course of the week.  A Category 5 hurricane is the highest category a hurricane can be, and Irma was estimated to be bigger than the entire state of Ohio. The hurricane was said to be so powerful that it was being watched with the same technology used to monitor tornadoes and earthquakes.

  Before Irma hit Florida, it also hit the Caribbean islands following its path. The first island effected by Irma was Barbuda, and the destruction is devastating. Barbuda is a very flat island, so the buildings and houses on it were easily swept away by the 185 miles per hour wind, leaving 95% of it destroyed. The entire population of Barbuda, 1234 people, evacuated, leaving the island empty of people for the first time in 300 years. Irma is now recorded to be the worst hurricane to ever hit Barbuda.

  On Sunday, Irma finally made landfall on the US in the Florida Keys. The storm weakened to a Category 4, then 3, but still caused great damage, as the state is mostly underwater because of the flooding. Although many had the option to evacuate to safer land, some refused to leave and now are left without power. With backed up highways and expensive plane tickets, or cancelled flights, it would be a challenge for many that wanted to evacuate to leave.

  Now, a week after the storm hit, the affected islands are trying to rebuild with help from volunteers in the communities and others from across the world. The damage it has caused will not be forgotten and has touched people from all over, as it is one of the most catastrophic hurricanes that has formed in the Atlantic since 1980 with Hurricane Allen. The hurricane has since then moved away from US land, but the aftermath shows the best in people, and their ability to come together and help.

  It’s no surprise that hurricanes are occurring since it is hurricane season, but with the majority of them being a Category three or higher and the frequency of their formations, this is the craziest year America has had. The damage from the weather changes do not stop there, though. With wildfires spreading throughout Montana, and earthquakes striking Mexico, the devastation seems like it has no end, but people are part of the reason why. Global warming has added onto the weather changes, resulting in much more powerful natural disasters because of the extra heat being produced from factories. Occurrences like this are why Irma was such a strong hurricane throughout its track, and why more are being formed with the same power.

   Though the aftermath is devastating, these hurricanes showcase how apparent global warming is becoming, and that we need to pay more attention to it.

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