Hamilton: The message in the musical

    On July 3, 2020 the Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway production Hamilton was released on streaming network Disney+. The historical play was already incredibly well-known with an estimated 2.6 million people having viewed the play on Broadway. When the musical was released on Disney+ the number of people who have viewed the play were matched, if not exceeded, within 10 days. To say the least, this tony award winning play was a huge success that was greatly enjoyed by all audiences.

    One thing that makes this show so beloved is the talented, diverse cast that makes up the entire musical. Hamilton demonstrated a beautiful model of inclusivity that is apparent just while viewing the show. Audiences could see all different races and ethnicities portraying white men in american history, demonstrating a powerful model within the play. 

Hilliard Darby teacher Betsy Barber stated, “The enormous talent that each of the cast members have is so impressive.  By watching it on Disney+ I was able to see more of the facial expressions and the emotions of the actors.  That helped me to really understand and appreciate the meaning behind certain scenes.  I loved the fact that there was such a diverse cast, as well.” 

Next, another thing that makes Hamilton stand out is the phenomenal song-writing of Lin-Manuel Miranda. While writing the musical, Lin tried to keep it very historically accurate while doing it in song. His creation was very well received and his songs are beloved by audiences all over the world. 

When asked what her favorite song in the musical was, Hilliard Darby teacher Betsy Barber stated, “I loved the King George songs – the sarcastic humor is right up my alley.  But, I really loved Satisfied and It’s Quiet Uptown.  The emotion and meaning behind both songs was just really amazing to me.”

Overall, the musical Hamilton showed creative, songs that were adored by all audiences while showing diversity with an incredibly talented interacial cast.  The musical is also very educational about american history and learning about the origins of the country. The play is still on Disney+, so it can continue to be viewed and enjoyed by people.

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