Girls Soccer victory over Reynoldsburg Raiders

Photo taken by Lauren Iosue

Photo taken by Lauren Iosue

Coming off of a bad 5-2 loss against Jonathan Alder, the Girls Soccer Team was focused on overcoming their recent challenges and getting a win against the Reynoldsburg Raiders on Sept. 10th, and their ride home was a happy one. The Panthers defeated the Raiders 4-0.

   The night started off with high energy from the JV team, who dominated the game and ended up with a 12-0 score. However, the energy was not carried very far and the varsity game was slow to start. The Raider defense was giving the girls some trouble by keeping the Panthers from getting a clear shot on the goal, but 20 minutes into the first half Senior Carlee Murray cut the ball into the penalty box from an assist by Sophomore Blair Cowan and shot it past the keeper.

   Murry described how she felt after making the first goal of the game.

    “I felt great, it gave me more confidence because I haven’t been able to finish lately! Now I’ll be back to my old self.” Murry said.

   It was a great goal for Carlee because she had a tough time in the past few games putting the ball into the net after she had set up for a good shot.

   The whole team was energized by Murray’s goal, and they kept shooting throughout the half. It seemed as if the first goal was what really pushed the Panthers on to eventually win the game.

   After the whistle sounded for halftime, the Panthers were ready to take on the second half. They got to work: feeding the ball through throngs of players in attempt to score. The defense successfully stopped a lot of scoring attempts by the Raider offense. Not long after, Cowan got a goal of her own with an assist that put her in the center of the box. She sent a rocket into the upper corner, just out of the goalie’s reach, making the score 2-0.

   Shortly after that, senior Maddi Wallace added onto the scoreboard with another goal off of a corner kick. A slow start gave way to a great game for the Panthers, and they were leading 3-0.

   The rest of the second half, the girls kept their playing upbeat and aggressive. Junior Gabby Iosue sent the ball on a beautiful curve into the net in the last 45 seconds of the game. From there, the Panthers focused on not giving up a goal to the Raiders and the game was wrapped up with a 4-0 score.

   The Panthers were happy with their performance.

   Junior goalkeeper and captain Nicole Burke stated, “It was great that we could put all of the bad behind us and come together to get a W.”  

   But the Panthers are still focused on the upcoming games and the outcome of the rest of their season.

   When asked her thoughts, Iosue stated, “We did play that game really well. We all came together as a team and the support on the field was amazing. We will keep this up leading into the next couple of games. The potential for this team is amazing and I’m excited. If Darby would win a title, this year would be it.”

   Now, the Panthers are back on track and ready to take on Watkins Memorial at home on Tuesday.


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