Darby seniors run their last Darby Dash

Saturday morning, October 7th, was the annual Darby Dash Cross Country race. This race was also senior morning for all seniors on the team. The weather was quite warm for an

Senior, Josh Baldridge

October morning which played into how the well the runners ran. One senior that was excited but reluctant about his senior morning was Dylan Newport.

  Dylan ended up in the top ten in their respective races, in 10th place. Dylan, just like many others who raced that day, was not happy with the way they ran. The teams raced the same course the week before and everyone had better times the first week.

  “The weather plays a big part in how we race, and it was hotter than most races. No one really felt good that day, no one in Ohio ran well that day,” Newport, who ran a time of 16:53, said.

  Dylan was also getting over being a little sick so he felt he could have done better had the circumstances been different.

  Darby Dash is a special race to all Darby runners because not only do they run it every year, but it is a quick race. Although it is 3.1 miles, it runs quite easily. There are no sharp turns, there are no hills, and no terrain. It is run on a flat field. For Dylan who has been racing with Darby all four years of high school, the feeling of running his last Darby Dash was surreal and the idea that his last cross country season is almost over is emotional.

  “I feel like it’s not my last Darby Dash. It’s hard to think about leaving the cross country family,” Newport said.

   Darby’s next race is Saturday October 14th at Darby on the North Fields. They will be running the same course but this time it is an OCC race.

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