All are welcome at Hilliard Darby’s YoungLife

Hilliard Darby YoungLife is back! The club has just begun for the new school year, and everyone should come check it out.

   YoungLife is an organization that helps kids find themselves. It is the first step in a lifelong journey of making good choices based upon God’s love for them.

  Senior Holly Wintering explained what YoungLife is and why it is so much fun.

  “YoungLife allows kids to step out of their comfort zone, and meet God in ways they’ve never done before. It’s a fun time to spread God’s love while having the best time with each other,” Wintering said.

  Darby’s YoungLife Club is led by five college students and counting from Ohio State University and Ohio University. The two main leaders are Megan Roberts and Ryan Trout, along with Miles McConaughey, Leslie Booth, and Darian Sapp. This group of people are extremely committed to each teen, and they try to be a great role model for them.

   YoungLife meets every Monday and Wednesday. Monday is more of a sit down bible study known as Campaigners, whereas Wednesday is just a big party they call Club.

  Interested students should join, because it is a life changing experience. It provides a close group of friends with the same values that is open at anytime. It shows teens what it’s like to truly love something or someone, and how to live life to the fullest.

  “It’s allowed me to just continue to be myself, love the little things about life, and showed me how God is creating the best life for me,” Wintering said.

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