Adun Obisesan “Leaves a Legacy”

With academic signing day taking place this week, it makes sense to discuss the academic achievements of Darby students. This month, Panther Press is focusing on Senior Adun Obisesan, and she has shared some tips so that you too can have success in school.

  Adun has recently made waves with her academic triumphs. She was accepted into eight different colleges including MIT, Harvard, and Duke. She recently committed to MIT, and is interested in studying biomedical engineering. She says in the future, she would like to be a medical researcher, and she hopes to develop and improve cancer treatment.

  How has Adun achieved so much success? The answer is that she has had some important keys to help her through her journey.

  “To be successful, I have worked pretty hard to get good grades and test scores,” Obisesan said, “Beyond that I’d definitely say deep involvement in extracurricular and community service was key. Also, keeping myself busy during the summer also helped. Most importantly, I put everything in God’s hands.”

  Adun also described how other people can have similar success stories with a few simple tips.

  “Try to get involved in whatever you’re passionate in, whether it be music, sports, art, languages, or even video games,” Obisesan advised, “Colleges look for passionate people. I would also say that you should never assume you can’t do something or ‘aren’t smart enough’ for something. Hard work is more important [than] natural skill. Lastly, go after every opportunity, no matter how small you think your chances of succeeding are. You’d be surprised at what you can do.”

  It’s very evident that Adun Obisesan is a polished and experienced student, but that is not all that she enjoys. She says that the highlight of her day is orchestra, because she gets to forget the stress of regular class and enjoy making music. She also plays tennis and spends time with her brothers, Sophomore Ebun Obisesan, and Freshman Ayo Obisesan. Adun has led a very well-rounded career at Darby, and is a prime example of Darby’s slogan, “Leave A Legacy”. 

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