“Yer Killin’ Me” Song Review

Sometimes we can just get sick of some of the relationships we’re in. For most people, in these bad relationships they would call these relationships “toxic”. But of course, there is a song for that. “Yer Killin Me” is a song by the band Remo Drive. This song is about a very toxic relationship the lead singer was in. In this review I’ll be breaking down the lyrics in this song and attempting to understand what the lead singer is trying to portray.

   The song starts with the full band as well as the first lyric. The first lyric reads “I don’t wanna ******* be here anymore. I’m leaving forever, if you miss me whatever, I don’t care”. This immediately punches the listeners ear with the theme of the song. This lyric alone shows how the singer feels about the relationship, as well as how done he really is with this other person he’s with. The next lyric in this first verse which finishes this verse off is, “I’m tired of your face, and the way that you hate everything”. This makes the listener immediately start to feel how the singer feels about this person he wrote the song about.

   The first half of the chorus reads “You make me want to start smoking cigarettes so I die slowly”. So now not only is the singer saying he wants to leave, but he is now saying this person may be making him suicidal. This really opens the listeners’ thoughts on this character that is being portrayed as such a horrible person. It seems though, the lead singer mainly complains about how much they hate this other person, not why they hate them. 

   The next half of the chorus reads “Anything that’s bad for me, you’re killing me, you’re killing me”. The singer now is saying in his lyrics, that anything that will hurt him and his body he wants, because he dreads this other person so much.

   After reviewing the first half of this song’s lyrics it really puts into our perspective how much this person hates this other character in their life and how much pain he is in, but it doesn’t really tell why. Although, since this is a song that may be a good thing. Because it’s a song it should be able to relate to the listener, and since there isn’t specific reasons why he hates this other person, it opens shared feelings through the listener and this song. The listener is able to insert their own experiences of pain in their life while listening. This song is very well made, the music and the lyrics just flow so well together. The overall feeling of the song just works and it’s something you can listen to over and over again.

Note: If this story hits you in your feels in a not so good way we have resources like the HOPE app on your iPad, the sucicide hotline number 1-800-273-8255 Text HOME to 741741, or reach out to your teacher/guidance or Syntero counselors. 

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