Writer’s Club Off to a Great Start

The new Writer’s Club at Darby started at the beginning of this year, and its first few months have been a success.

   David Rickert, an English teacher at Darby, started the club.

   “I felt like the English department didn’t really have a club,” said Rickert. “I thought that a writer’s club would be a good way to have an English club in the school, and I had some really creative writers in my freshman honors class last year who were interested. I thought it would serve a need for the students that really like to do creative kinds of things.”

   Aidan Koppenhofer, a sophomore member of Writer’s Club, appreciates this new community.

   “I enjoy the multitude of writing activities we do at each meeting and the inspiring environment created by the students in the club,” said Koppenhofer.

   In order to foster the best possible environment for students, Rickert takes their individual goals and interests into account.

   “It depends on who’s in the room at any given moment in terms of what the group wants to work on, so I try to listen to what the people here would like to do and come up with some activities that they might enjoy doing,” said Rickert. 

   Rickert adds that he has lots of ideas for the future of the club.

   “One of the other things that I’m trying to do is get some authors to come in and talk about their experiences with writing,” said Rickert. “I think a lot of the people that are in the club would like to see their work published somewhere for people to enjoy and having those people come in and talk about their experiences is very valuable.”

   The first of these guest authors is Clare Beams, who wrote the collection We Show What We Have Learned and Other Stories. Her first novel, The Illness Lesson, comes out next year. She will have a Skype session and Q&A with Writer’s Club on December 3rd.

   Writer’s Club meets every Tuesday after school in Room 241. Meetings usually last an hour and new members are always welcome.