Wrestling Championships See Great Performances

The OHSAA Wrestling Championships were last weekend, and Darby had six athletes compete. The championship meet was held at The Schottenstein Center, and lasted from Thursday March 9th, through Saturday March 11th. The three day event was made up of several rounds, to get down to see who would be competing for state titles on Saturday.

Photo of Schottenstein Center provided by Tai Bloch.

  The first day, Darby saw great performances by Junior Jared Ball and Senior Mohamed Debyan. Both boys won their first match, and moved on to day two. Other senior performances came from Tai Bloch, Austin Rayburn, and Quentin Thatcher, who lost their first matches, but won their second match, allowing them to move on to day two as well.

Wrestling Matt’s. Photo provided by Tai Bloch.

           Day two didn’t go as well for the boys. Ball was the only one to win in the first round and remain in the championship. The other boys that made it through from day one unfortunately lost their matches and were out.

Wrestling Matt’s. Photo provided by Tai Bloch.

                       Saturday was the last day of the OHSAA Wrestling Championships, and Ball placed third in his weight class. He ended the season the same way he did last year, by getting third.

  This championship has an atmosphere unlike anything most athletes are used to, including Bloch. With 224 athletes competing in Division 1, it makes sense how athletes could feel this way.

“The atmosphere is unlike anything I’ve competed in, very easily overwhelming” Bloch said.

  This was a good end to a season, with six boys competing during the three day long championship meet.


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