Winter Band Concert

Darby Band held their annual Winter Concert on March 5th. This concert featured Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble, who will all be playing in the OMEA performance this Friday.

  Concert Band started off with an upbeat lively song called, “Acclaim”. This song was a good choice to start the night because of its powerful beginning. The next song Concert Band played was called, “Japanese Pictures”. In this song, the percussion was prominent which changed the whole mood. Lastly, Concert Band performed “Tweeting Machine”. This song was my personal favorite of the whole night because it gave a unique industrial and spooky vibe (city).

  The next performance was from the Symphonic Band. They started by playing an intense fast paced song named, “Prestissimo”. This song was executed very well, especially by the flutes. This is because they were able to play the challenging high notes and keep up with the fast tempo. The second song they performed was very dramatic and was called, “Edge of Destiny”. The band was able to create a mysterious theme with the flutes and oboes. Lastly, the Symphonic Band played “Mid-American Sketches.” This song was able to create a story through three movements of the American life. The first movement was titled “New Horizon.” This was an upbeat and inspiring song that represented the new beginnings for people starting over in America. The next movement was “Home.” This song began with a beautiful melody in the flutes playing a soft crescendo. The last movement and song for Symphonic was “Tomorrows.” This song had a grand beginning starting with the trumpets. I really liked the stories this song told, because it represented the American dream.

  The last band to perform was Wind Ensemble. They started by playing a very cheerful exciting song named “Circus Bee.” Junior Jacob Geiger did not like this song like others might have.

  “Circus Bee has to be my least favorite because I don’t like marches as much,” Geiger said.

  The next song the band played was “Lincolnshire.” This song was played in four separate movements. I liked the story behind the song because the movements showed the different people the composer met while traveling. The first movement played was titled “Libson.” This song had a soft melody and made me think it was about a free spirited person. The second movement was named, “Horkstow Grange.” This song featured the oboes very well with their soft, playful melodies. The closing song Wind Ensemble performed was titled “Synergy Rising.” This song was a good closer because it left a lasting impression with its loud, powerful uses of percussion.

  The Winter Band Concert was a success with beautiful songs played by all the bands. I am wishing them good luck on Friday at Teays Valley High School for the OMEA band performance.

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