Will you celebrate this holiday?

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is dreaded by just as many people who adore it. For people who want to celebrate the love they have for their friends, as well as a significant other, a Galentine’s Day celebration would be the perfect occasion.

  The non-official holiday was first referenced in 2010 when it was the focus of an episode of the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation. It is a holiday that is described by the main character Leslie Knope as “ladies celebrating ladies” and it is typically celebrated either February 13th, or the weekend after Valentine’s Day.

  Since being featured on Parks and Recreation, the holiday has become much more of a pop culture icon in the past three to four years and is being celebrated more than ever before. A common misconception is that the holiday is only for single women to celebrate before celebrations of love for significant others begins on February 14, when in fact, the holiday is about women celebrating each other, single or not, regardless of their relationship status.

  Galentine’s Day is a way to show appreciation for the women who have supported you throughout life. Celebrations can be large or small and you can stay at home or go out, as long as it’s with women who are important to you.

  This holiday is on the rise because there is plenty of love to go around and Galentine’s Day helps spread love throughout the female community. In today’s society, the idea of women supporting and helping each other helps spread female empowerment, and all of these are the traits that made Galentine’s day become so relevant.

  As the holiday becomes more popular, everyone should celebrate it annually, because at the very least, it is an excuse for the whole group of friends to get together and celebrate the love shared between each other.

  While this holiday may have originally been considered unconventional, it is one that everyone should be thankful for. If it wasn’t for Leslie Knope and the writers of Parks and Recreation, the week of Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete and there wouldn’t be an amazing holiday that represents “ladies celebrating ladies”.

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