Where is the best amusement park in Ohio?

There aren’t any big amusements parks in Central Ohio, but thankfully for Ohioans there are still two big parks to visit this summer that aren’t too far away! Kings Island and Cedar Point are both great parks that will help create awesome memories for anyone who goes. But which one is the best to go to?

Image created by Kiera Toliver

  Kings Island is in southern Ohio, near Cincinnati. The park has 12 big coasters, a water park, and a kid’s park full of smaller coasters and other fun activities. It only costs $45 for a day pass, and with it being open from 10am to 10pm, you can spend the entire day there. There is so much to do that you will never get bored, even spending 12 hours there.

  In northern Ohio, up by Lake Erie, is Cedar Point. Like Kings Island, this park is full of coasters, a big water park, and a kid’s park. However, Cedar Point has more big coasters than Kings Island, with a total of 17. This park also costs $45 for a day pass, and has hours that are 10am to 10pm. With five more coasters than Kings Island, there are enough things to do all day and more. 

  Between the two parks, I think Cedar Point is the best. It has a great view since it is right on Lake Erie, and they have a lot more coasters. One of their top coasters is the Top Thrill Dragster, that reaches speeds of 120 miles an hour, and this coaster travels 40 mph faster than Kings Island’s fastest ride.

  If you only have enough time or money to go to one amusement park this year, Cedar Point is by far the best and will give you the chance to create the best memories with friends and family.


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