What to do Over Winter Break

The holiday season has always been the most favored time off from the school year not only because it is a break from school, but also because there are multiple holidays, and there is pretty snow. A common thing that many people do over break is going on a vacation, but if someone is staying home for the holidays, what is there to do?

  Many people during the break spend time with their family like going to their grandparents’ house, like Sophomore Elise Neighbarger.

  “Every year we go up to Marblehead… to see my mom’s grandparents,” said Neighbarger, “There we go sledding on the hills with our dog and cousins.”

  Spending the break with family always brings out fun and always is a great idea.

  Another thing you could do this break is take a day trip to Mad River Mountain or Snow Trails to go skiing, snowboarding, or tubing. Even if there is not too much snow during this break they can always make more for the slopes. Tubing is very fun and does not require as much skill as skiing and snowboarding does.

 Sophomore Jenna Shalash favorite place to visit during the winter season is hocking hills.

 “We [have] so much fun because we were all hanging out,” said Jenna Shalash.

  A popular opinion from many students is that their favorite thing to do over break is to sleep in.

  “Sleeping in is the best because during the school days I have to wake up so early so I don’t miss the bus. It really messes with my sleep cycle but during the break I get to sleep till 12:00 pm without being disturbed,” said Sophomore Blake Hassay.

  Getting to sleep in from long weeks school is always the best feeling. Even if one doesn’t sleep the whole day you still can have a lazy in bed.

  Hopefully this winter break is filled with fun and happiness!

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