What it Takes to be a Good Teammate

Varsity volleyball is just like the majority of sports where competitiveness is a main part of the game. This skill is built into all team members. The coach for the girls varsity volleyball team, Stephanie Dietrich, was asked where she draws the line between someone on her team being competitive and someone just having bad sportsmanship.

  “I think that you can’t have a great play and then point at somebody or yell across the net and say things, that’s definitely out – that’s not gonna happen on one of my teams, that is something that I’d totally control,” Dietrich shared.

  Dietrich explained that being competitive is a skill that the varsity team is working on learning. Blaize Shiebler, a senior on the varsity volleyball team, was asked what good sportsmanship is and how to show that you have good sportsmanship.

  “Good sportsmanship in any sport is when a team goes in to a game the same way they leave a game. Whether the game is lost or won [it] does not matter you as long as the team can act with the same integrity and mindset as they walked in,” Shiebler said.

  Shiebler was also asked what she would consider to be qualities of a good teammate.

  “She understands what motivates them, when to yell, and when to support. She understands what to do to make her teammates perform at the best of their ability,” Shiebler said.

  When Coach Dietrich was asked what the advantages of playing a sport like varsity volleyball and varsity sports overall, she explained how it was helpful.

  “You’re at the top of competition so you really have to learn how to be mentally tough, how to work as a team, and how to be leaders.”

  Coach Dietrich explained when you’re playing at a varsity level the team members are learning a lot of important qualities.

  “Varsity is like the pinnacle of those qualities that you have to learn,” Dietrich said.

  Playing varsity volleyball is great for those who love playing the sport, and it’s a great opportunity to learn great qualities to apply to life.

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