What is the Best Halloween Movie?

When October hits, all anybody wants to watch is a scary movie to get them into the Halloween mood. What many people don’t realize, is that there are plenty of fantastic Halloween films that aren’t terrifying. Everyone loves a good cover-your-eyes, spill-the-popcorn horror movie, but sometimes people just like to get comfortable and watch a fall favorite with a cup of hot cider surrounded by soft blankets.


Every Halloween, the movie Halloweentown is always watched in my house in preparation for fall. Even though it’s a Disney movie, it is a classic that had three sequels.

  The movie first premiered in 1998 and has been played every October since. The movie follows Marnie, played by Kimberly J. Brown, and her two siblings who, after following their grandmother home, end up in Halloweentown. Halloweentown is full of mythical creatures like bores and ghosts.

  Marnie discovers that her grandmother Aggie, played by Debbie Reynolds, is a witch, and therefore, Marnie and her siblings are also witches. Aggie tells her grandchildren that people are mysteriously disappearing from the town, and that Marnie, being the eldest sibling, must help her solve the problem.

  Halloweentown follows the adventures of Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie as they try to assist their grandmother. Aggie abruptly disappears, leaving the kids in charge of solving the mystery. The kids then have to collect items such as the sweat of a ghost and vampire fang in order to brew a potion and save the town. The kids must find success in order to save Aggie, their mother, and all of Halloweentown.

  The last three installments of the franchise all received high ratings, but none were as good as the original film.

  Halloweentown is the best movie for October because it involves all of the traditional Halloween stereotypes, yet conveys them in a way that won’t severely scare viewers. Anyone who is a fan of Halloween, and the spooky season should appreciate this film and the rest of the franchise, as it puts a different spin on traditional Halloween stories. The cast portrays the characters perfectly, and sets the tone of the story early on. This Disney film is one that should not be forgotten, or even pushed aside as a children’s movie, because it can entertain audiences of any age.


Written by: Alexa Capka



The 2006 blockbuster, Monster House, is the perfect Halloween family movie that embodies the adolescent fears of the creepy house next door. The film is set in the neighborhood of DJ, a twelve-year-old boy left alone with his babysitter for the weekend. After Mr. Nebbercracker, the neighbor across the street, is taken to the hospital due to a heart attack, DJ and his friends, Chowder and Jenny, suspect that Nebbercracker’s spirit inhabited in the house. The house’s face, made up of two windows and a door, swallows two police officers and their cars whole, proving to the kids that the house is alive.

  They investigate the basement when the house is asleep, and they find the toys that the house has swallowed up from the yard, as well as Nebbercracker’s dead wife encased in cement. When Nebbercracker returns, the kids find out that his wife, Constance, was bullied when she was younger, so after she passed, she seeked revenge on the kids in the neighborhood.

    Nebbercracker is turned into the unexpected hero when the group finds out that he pretends to hate children in order to protect them from his wife, and upon hearing this, the house attacks them.  

  With many great reviews, Monster House proves itself to be the best Halloween movie. This creepy film reflects the eeriness of late October nights, and the ending is not one to forget. The quirky characters are relatable to the audience and set an example for young kids to face their fears, no matter how large. This comedic thriller is a perfect pairing with family movie nights, and it will entertain children and parents of all ages.


Written by: Emma Fratianne


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