Ways to keep busy in the summer

As the school year is almost coming to a close, many students are excited for summer break. However, students often do not know what to do with all of this free time that they find themselves with. There are many things teens can do to keep themselves busy during the summer months.

  The most obvious thing to do is go outside! During the school year students are trapped inside all day, so now that they are out, they should spend some time soaking up the sun. Simply going on a walk, or going to the pool will get you out of the house.

  Another thing to do during the summer is crafts. Younger children do crafts all the time, but why let them have all of the fun? A fun craft to do is to find a dollar store squirt gun and fill it with paint. Then get all of your buddies together and have a paint gun war. Make sure to do this outside where it’s okay to get paint everywhere. For a less messy version of this, get canvases from an art store and use the paint filled water guns to spray paint on the canvas to create a one of the kind painting.

  Summer is the time most people travel to the beach. However, if you are unable to travel, why not bring the beach to your house? Make shapeable sand by adding 1 cup of baby oil to 8 cups of flour. Now you can make sandcastles to your heart’s desire.

  Summer is the time to do what you want instead of being in school all day. Whatever you do, I challenge you to stay off your phone and devices. Go outside, hang out with your friends, or do some crafts. Also do not forget to do any summer assignments right away so the rest of your summer is free. School starts back up Monday August 21, so now is the time to have some fun in the summer.

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