Wallace demonstrates lifelong love for the violin

Junior Anna Wallace has played the violin for ten years, and the dedication she has to her instrument really shows. She has been a part of six musical groups, including Darby’s Symphony and Chamber Orchestras. Wallace even plays the electric violin in Threat Level Midnight, a band that formed in the ILC’s Academy Vibe class.

Anna Wallace performing with Women’s Chorale. Photo by Karoline Betteridge

  Wallace’s lifelong love for the violin began in first grade. She explained how her mom pushed her to take up the violin.

  “I originally wanted to play cello or double bass but my mom convinced me to want to learn the “smallest” since she thought those instruments were too big,” Wallace said.

Since then, Wallace has performed in the Suzuki Music Columbus, Columbus Symphony Youth Orchestra, and Chamber Music Connection in addition to the Symphony and Chamber Orchestras at Darby. She has also won the Darby “Outstanding Musician Award” for three years in a row. Most recently, she has become a part of Threat Level Midnight, or TLM. In order to become a part of the band, she auditioned for the Performer’s Institute class at the ILC. She explained that she wanted a chance to play her Viper, an electric violin with six strings instead of the typical four. The band started off by covering popular songs like Twenty One Pilots “Ride” and Muse’s “Sunburn,” but now they write a lot of their own music.

  Wallace expanded on her experience as a band member in Threat Level Midnight.

  “It’s an amazing experience. I get to play music that I never usually get a chance to play, especially with the unique instrument I have. I love that I get to write music and then play it at shows.” She added, “It’s overall an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything else. I’ve had such an amazing time and I want to continue as long as possible.”

  Wallace’s impressive performance skills didn’t come overnight, of course. She explained that she has to practice her pieces a lot in order to get them just right. She said that one of the hardest things about playing violin is to find time and motivation to practice. The highly competitive nature of the classical music world can also present a challenge to musicians like Wallace.

  Even with all of that practice, she said that she still gets nervous to perform. “I like to do breathing exercises and meditation,” she explained.

  No matter what challenges she may face, Wallace says she plans to continue playing violin as an adult.
  “I’m very passionate about music, and I’ve met so many amazing people doing what I do. It’s become an integral part of my life.” She continued, “I plan to major in violin performance and become a professional musician. I would like to play music for the rest of my life.”

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