Varsity Men’s Volleyball celebrates their Seniors and takes home the win

Photo taken by: Olivia Krumpe

On Wednesday, May 9th, students and fans gathered to celebrate the 2018 Men’s Volleyball Seniors Collin Buelow, Trey Byrd, Drew Dickman, and Caleb Hill.

    Byrd was excited to have celebrated his senior night.

    “I’m very proud of my teammates, who I consider brothers, and myself for making it

Photo taken by: Olivia Krumpe

through all four years. Darby volleyball is a tough four years and I think tonight we got to be proud of all the hardwork and dedication we put into the program,” Byrd shared.

    Following the celebration, the Panthers began their warm up in hopes of taking home another win the for the program.
   Darby took the first lead of the game against the Olentangy Braves with a kill from Byrd, scoring the first point of the night. The Panthers earned point number two but then lost the serve. However, they earned it back after a kill from Junior Dominic Melchiorre.
  The Panthers did not have many serving runs but were able to keep the Braves from earning no more than a couple points in a row on their serves, allowing the Darby boys to maintain their lead for that set, ending in a 25-17 set one victory for the Panthers.
   Sophomore Noah Platfoot had a strong performance to start off his first set back from being out with a hamstring injury. Platfoot helped Darby with two joust wins, a tip kill, a block, and multiple assists to his hitters.
   Coming off of their first set win the boys started strong with a 4-0 start to the second set, with junior libero Nick Hermosilla serving three of those points.
  The Panthers were leading 15-12 thanks to kills from sophomore Adam Ansel, Melchiorre, and Buelow, as well as an epic stuff block from Melchiorre and sophomore Griffin Hart.
  However, Darby let up and allowed the Braves to take the second set 25-19.
  Set three was looking to be even more exciting than the first two and did not disappoint. The Darby boys had a slow bounce back from their previous loss, at one point being down 5-10.
  The Panthers then closed the gap with three consecutive kills from Byrd, and then two in a row from Buelow, bringing the score to 8-10. They continued to battle and eventually gained the lead, 21-19.
  On the next play, both teams got a series of opportunities, but no one was able to put the ball on the ground. The play ended with the crowd erupting in cheers after Ansel had a strong back row attack, sending the ball to the opposite baseline, and earning Darby its 22nd point of the set.
  The boys used this momentum to finish the set 25-21. Buelow had the winning kill off of

Photo taken by: Olivia Krumpe

a perfect set from Platfoot.
  The fourth set had a competitive start, with the first 16 plays being back and forth, and the score being 8-8. The Panthers then took the lead, and did not fall below the Braves for the rest of the set.
  Despite Olentangy having a tall front row and getting several touches on the block, their back row was unable to pick the balls up, allowing Darby to earn several points from kills from the front row.
  The Panthers won the set and the game after Olentangy tipped the ball out of bounds. The final score of the set was 25-22, and the Darby Boys Volleyball team won the game 3 sets to 1.
  Despite this senior night victory, the team is only looking to the future, and the state tournament.
  Dickman shared his feelings over celebrating his senior night.
  “I’m stoked to finally be approaching the end of the journey. But for the next coming weeks we are still training our hardest in order to destroy the competition in the state tournament,” Dickman stated.
  Be sure to catch the boys team on Tuesday, May 15th as they take on the Olentangy Braves in a challenge match at Darby.

Photo taken by: Olivia Krumpe

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