Vaping Illnesses add Concerns

Health officials are warning the parents of young teens of the harmful effects of e-cigarettes that are used as alternatives for smokers. Teens are attracted to e-cigs, typically Juuls, because of the fun flavors and the marketing. E-cigs have been sold for more than a decade but the vape related illnesses started to increase in the past year.

   According to The Washington Post, there has been a total of six vape related deaths this year. 

   “An investigation by the state health departments in Illinois and Wisconsin traces the first signs of illness among 53 tracked patients to april. The victims mostly young men with a median age of 19 overwhelmingly ended up in the hospital, many under intensive care”, an article stated.

   Parents of teens are developing a big concern about vaping and illnesses linked to it. Some vape products contain the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. Kids report symptoms like headaches and stomachaches but what they don’t realize is that they’re linked to their vaping habits. Vaping is now being seen as a psychiatric problem over concerns that vaping is interfering with the development of the brain. 

Our school educational assistant Leslye Federer answered a few questions regarding vape illnesses. Vaping often happens in the bathrooms at Darby.

   “Peak times are before school, during class change, and during lunches. We don’t catch students as much as we should,” said Federer. 

   Illnesses caused by vaping has become such a big public health concern that our school district decided to put vape detectors in each of our high schools. 

   “Our district is piloting six vape detectors – two at each high school. Hilliard has a long history of pilot programs, beginning on a small scale, and evaluating effectiveness before moving forward. We adapt and adjust, we learn, and we get better,” the Hilliard Schools Commitment to Student Health stated via the Hilliard City Schools website. 

   Vaping is most common in high school teens and it often leads to illnesses that can become fatal.