Valentine’s diy for that special someone

Valentine’s Day is among us and finding the perfect decoration for your house or for a friend’s is challenging, so why not make your own. This month we chose to make a Valentine’s Day canvas, complete with a button heart. With this easy and cheap do-it-yourself project, you can give it to your someone special and they will have it hanging up for the whole month of February!



  • Plain white canvas
    • Choose any size you want. We used a 12 x 15” canvas.
  • Ruler
  • Paint brush
  • Red marker
  • Tape
  • Black paint
  • Assorted red and pink buttons
  • Liquid glue
  • Red paper


Step One:

  On the canvas, tape rows that are three inches apart for each, so you can paint every other section black. You will not need to paint the white areas.

Step Two:

  Paint in between the taped lines with the black paint. Let the paint dry and peel off the tape. This should help make the painted lines straight on your canvas.

Step Three:

  Cut out a guideline heart on red construction paper to place the buttons on. We used red paper but you can use any color.

Step Four:

  Glue the assorted buttons onto the red paper heart. We found it easiest to glue each buttons on individually. You do not have to put the buttons in a specific order. Wait for the buttons to dry.

Step Five:

  Glue the paper heart with buttons onto the center of the canvas and hold firmly for about 10 seconds. Make sure all edges of the heart are glued down.

Step Six (Optional):

  Write a personal message in red marker or paint. We first printed off a font that we liked so we could trace it. After tracing the font, we filled in the outline with red sharpie.

Step Seven:

  Give it to someone special, so they can place it somewhere nice.


Hopefully you can find a nice place to put it in your home to make this Valentine’s Day even more special. It is an easy project that you can personalize for anyone. We chose to give it to a teacher at Darby, Mrs. Rausch. This project is fast and simple and will make the people around you so jealous. Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Original craft found on: Country Living

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