Valentines Day Gift Diy

This Valentines Day, instead of giving a gift to your significant other, get a simple, but thoughtful gift to your friends. This double DIY is a personalized jar with a soft sugar hand scrub. This scrub helps exfoliate your hands to make them super soft. This gift is great because you can personalize it to whoever you give it to. This simple DIY can make anyone feel special. 


  • Jar
  • Mod podge (optional)
  • Stick glue
  • Granulated sugar
  • Coconut oil
  • Lemon juice or any essential oil

Step One:

   Starting with the jar, and print off a photo that you want to stick to the jar. I eyed the photo size to check if it would fit before printing it off. I did not think it was necessary to actually measure it out.

Step Two:

   Cut out your photo.

Step Three:

   I first glued the photo to the jar using stick glue. Then, I sprayed mod podge over the photo so it can be protected from water damage. Let the mod podge sit for just a couple minutes.

Step Four:

   In a bowl, I mixed the granulated sugar, coconut oil, and lemon juice. I started by figuring out how much sugar should be put in the jar. I did this by filling the jar with sugar and then dumping it in a bowl. Next, I slowly added the coconut oil until I thought the consistency was right which was rough but soft on the skin. After, I added the lemon juice until I could smell it. I would recommend actually using real essential oils because they have a stronger smell but, lemon juice works as well.

Step Five:

   Then I placed the sugar scrub in my personalized jar and gave it to someone special.

   I hope this Valentines Day you can give your friend or significant other a great personalized gift that smells great!

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