Valentine’s Day festivities take over Darby

Darby is in full Valentine’s Day swing, as people all across the country celebrate. February is usually associated with Valentine’s Day, and ever since the month started the have been many festivities here at our school.

   Key Club sold carnations that were delivered on the special day. Customers got to choose a color, and write a special message to their recipient. Some were funny, inside jokes from friends, and others were sweet messages sent from their special someone. The fundraiser was so successful that the carnations actually sold out early, much to the excitement of Key Club.

    Couples all across Darby are excited for the big day. Freshmen homecoming court members Tyler Hessenauer and Haley Caudill described what their first holiday together feels like.

   “It’s been very different,” Hessenauer said, “I’ve never been able to celebrate something like this before, and I’m glad I get to do it with her.” Caudill agreed, saying, “It’s really exciting because he’s a great person and I love spending time with him.” Many around Darby have been echoing that attitude as well.

   Darby students could also buy Valentine’s themed Rice Krispie Treats to help Filipino burn victims, or pay two dollars for results from a relationship compatibility test. Sing-o-grams, a Darby tradition, had Choir students deliver an in-class song to anyone of your choosing, for a mere price of two dollars. The extremely talented singers made everyone laugh and smile when they did songs like “My Girl” and “Everytime We Touch”.

    On the big day, social media exploded with things such as pictures of the carnations received, or videos of Choir Member Vikram Vadakkekurputh doing great solos. It’s probably safe to say that the Valentine’s Day festivities at Darby were a success.

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