Understanding and Appreciating Culture

To some, February is about Valentine’s day, but for others it’s about celebrating the accomplishments and understanding of black history. With February coming to an end, so is Black History Month, but that doesn’t mean we stop recognizing black accomplishments until next year.

  Black History Month started in 1970, beginning the awareness of black people’s contributions to the world we live in today. From civil rights, to discoveries we couldn’t live without, and encouraging youth, Black History Month helps to enrich our lives and understand the world around us.

  Understanding the Civil Rights movement, as well as the oppression that black people face, is important to be able to understand things that are happening in our world today. With a lot of things happening, like protests and campaigns, and the rise of the black lives matter movement, understanding where things started and having time to talk about it, is vital to the conversation and is something I think it important for everyone.

  Black inventors and pioneers are responsible for some great creations, but they aren’t always given recognition for it. Taking time to point out some things that were created by black people, can help to show the great contributions they have made, and give them recognition that they worked hard for and deserve. The traffic light, something we use everyday, was invented by Garrett Morgan. Some other people include Charles Drew, Daniel Williams, and Joseph Dickinson, all of whom made advancements in the medical field.

Image created by Kiera Toliver.

  When young people hear about all the things black people have created and accomplished, I think it makes them feel like they can accomplish anything, just like people have before them. It helps give them confidence to push themselves and think outside the box.

  Black people have shaped the United States in amazing ways, and having a month where those things can be learned and recognized is very important, but hopefully these things can be better incorporated into times other than February.

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