Twelfth Night Review

   The Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare is a story written for entertainment during the Christmas season and it was believed to have been written around 1601-1602. The plot of the story revolves around this big comedic love triangle. The Darby theatre took part in reenacting the infamous Twelfth Night by Shakespeare and it was fantastic.

  The play was absolutely outstanding and the theater group put so much emotion and hard work into every bit and piece of the play. The audience could tell how much effort was put in and the outcome resulted in an amazing play. This play took place on November 2nd and November 3rd in Darby’s auditorium. The play brought so much laughter and joy to everyone in the crowd.

  I asked Jordan Garcia, a Sophomore at Darby High School who played Feste, how he would describe having such an important role and whether it was easy or challenging to take part in.

  “I wouldn’t say it was difficult, but it wasn’t easy. The hard part was learning lines, I overcame that by going over my lines over and over again,” he explained.

  The Twelfth Night character Feste is a funny and outgoing ‘fool’ as mentioned in the play, and he was the jokester of the show. Garcia also discussed how he and his character are similar and how they’re different.

  “Feste is the funny guy and is very outgoing. I would say that is how Feste is like me. A difference between the fool and me is how he is mean to Malvolio (a bad guy in the play), because I would never be mean to anyone and I have love for everyone,” he shared.

  The Twelfth Night play attracted quite an audience and Aryadna Ojeda, an audience member, was excited to explain what her favorite part of the play was.

  “I thought that the play was really good, and at times I didn’t understand it because it was in Shakespeare, but the acting was really good. My favorite part was when the two drunks were on stage. They were really funny. I also liked Feste, the clown, especially when he played his ukulele and sang, that was really cool,”

  I’d have to agree with her because the play was performed by such passionate and dedicated actors and they kept their audience members attentive and entertained. This play was a definite 10/10 performance. Feste is a character I won’t forget, for he was very talented at singing and playing the ukulele, and he brought many laughs to the faces in the audience, and to mine as well. Sir Toby Belch (Olivia’s uncle) is also a character I won’t be able to forget because he was also very funny. The Twelfth Night play was an outstanding performance, it was funny, yet sophisticated, and it is one that will be hard to forget!.

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