TV Review: Stranger Things amazes viewers

The next big thing is back once again, and it’s called Stranger Things, one of the biggest T.V. shows right now.

  Stranger Things is a science fiction horror that throws you back to the 80’s in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. The first season starts with two missing kids while supernatural events are occurring around the town. One of the kids missing is named Eleven, she is a test subject in a lab that is up to no good. Eleven manages to escape from the lab after she opens a gate to another universe. Then Will goes missing while coming home late one night. The whole town is on the lookout to find Will, while the lab puts their efforts to find Eleven before the world finds her.

  In season one you find out very quickly that Will is in the universe Eleven opened. So the whole plot is to find Will in this universe before it’s too late. While eleven and Will’s friends look for him in this other universe the people in the lab are trying to find Eleven.

  Junior Hothyfa Museitif, a fan of the show, agreed that it’s one of the best shows out there.,

“Stranger Things is a show that has you in suspense, it has me hooked I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s one of my favorite T.V. shows and I’m not huge into T.V. shows. The characters are great, the acting is great, but the plot is mind blowing,” Museitif shared.

  Personally I like Stranger Things for a couple reasons. First of all, the plot is put together phenomenally, the way everything is setup and executed is astonishing. At the end of both seasons it leaves you with a small cliff hanger that makes you think about what could happen next. The best thing about the show are the characters. The producers did a great job at finding the role each character played and getting the right person for the job.  

  Overall it’s a really good T.V. Show, the plot is really good and it just gets better going into season two and there’s never a dull moment.

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