Turkey craft to spice up holiday home

As most people already know, it’s Thanksgiving week. Holidays are full of food and family gatherings, but they also feature lots of fun decorations. However, instead of buying the decorations you see all over the stores this time of year, you can fully dive into the holiday spirit and make a DIY project, like a hand turkey painting.

  Last year, we created a hand turkey painting inspired by Andy Warhol. This year, we decided to stay American and go with a Jackson Pollack theme for our painting.

   The materials you will need for this are a large white piece of paper, fall-colored paint (red, orange, brown, etc.), a printer sheet of paper, and tape. You will also need painting utensils, but this is where you can get creative. I chose to use a sponge for the outside of the painting to make the colors pop, and a paintbrush for the inside of the painting to make the hand turkey nice and neat.

Photo taken by Claire Huffman

   First, trace your hand on the printer paper and cut it out. This will be the hand turkey. Tape the hand in the middle of the large piece of paper. Try to keep as little tape as possible on the large sheet you don’t get tape marks. This is where it gets fun. Using your painting materials of choice, splash the colors all over the canvas. You can look up Jackson Pollack paintings if you want some reference on how this could look. Also, you may want to put old newspapers or magazines under the large paper before the painting step to limit the mess.

Photo taken by Noah Adams

   After you have a decent amount of the paper colored, remove the taped hand. You should see a blank, non-painted white spot there. 

   Trace this white spot with a sharpie, to make the boundaries clear. Paint your turkey in a different way or with different colors so it can be distinguished from the chaotic background. Add legs and a face to your turkey, and then you are done!

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