Trump’s ban on transgender citizens in the Military is fueled by hate and discrimination

On Friday, August 25th, Trump issued a ban on transgender men and women from entering the military, and to end the medical treatment the soldiers received that helped control their hormones so they can transition. The ban caused a lot of controversies all over the US and produced many varying opinions.

 It is unnecessary and discriminatory to ban them from serving. They are willing to serve their country and put their life on their line, which is a very brave thing to do, just to have the President tell them they can’t because of who they are, and his unwillingness to help them by taking away the taxpayer’s money that pays for their treatment. It is a situation that is fueled by hate and authority.

  To truly be United and “Make America Great Again”, we need to become united and stand with each other rather than distance ourselves based on ignorance, and this does not display that. Hopefully, transgender men and women can be seen as equals by everyone someday, but until then we still have a long way to go.

  Transgender men and women have been fighting for their rights for hundreds of years, and it is ridiculous that they still have to to this day. Many protests, Stonewall being the most influential, sparked a revolution that would shape America for the good and bad. The Stonewall riots occurred in 1969 and gave many transgender people a voice that could spark hope. The fact that people are still holding onto that spark is good, but unfortunately the situation Trump has caused showcases the bad. It is important that we continue to rise above hate, because if it dominates then we will come out weaker and not united.


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