Trivia Team’s record breaking season

With the end of winter soon approaching there has been a lot of buzz about the successes of Darby students. From the indoor track state champions, Emma Kowalski (Weight Throw) and Chris Burkhart (Weight Throw), to the third place finishing cheer team at states, to the bowling team placing third at sectionals and seventh at districts, it’s no secret that Darby students are quite the talented bunch. However, one group of talented Darby students that have found themselves in the spotlight this year is the Trivia Team. With a record breaking season, placing farther in the state tournament than any current Hilliard school has before, the Trivia Team’s rise to fame has been one for the books.


  The Darby Trivia Team is coached by Darby staff member, Kevin Hunt. The team consists of four competing members: Senior Parth Datar, Junior Noah Adams, Junior Liam Davis and Sophomore Avery Lyle. The team also has one alternate, Junior Henry Kast, who is the team’s biggest supporter and can be seen in the Mascot costume during the team competitions. The team competes against other central Ohio high school teams on a television show called “In The Know,” which is broadcasted on WOSU. The winning team moves on through the bracket style tournament, until one team remains and is crowned the champion.


  The fellas kicked off the tournament with a big win over Pickerington North, setting the tone for the rest of their matches. The boys were able to knock out their first few opponents handily due to their extensive preparation and strategy. The team would sometimes get together and study up before a big match.


  “We spent a lot of time going over trivia questions alone and as a team,” Sophomore Team member Avery Lyle states, “we would get together to study or watch old matches.”


  This was one of the team’s secrets to success. Rewatching the past “In The Know Competitions” helped the Team to identify common themes and repeated questions when they were competing. This shows just how dedicated the Team was to their craft, sometimes spending hours of their individual time studying and rewatching film.


  As the tournament progressed, the Team saw more and more success. They were able to beat out some very talented opponents, including last season’s defending champs, Bexley. The Team had always had a goal of making it to the state finals, but even they were skeptical about that dream becoming a reality at the start of the season. However, through their dedication and hardwork, the boys were able to cruise past the competition and secure a place at the state championship, farther than Darby or any other current Hilliard school had ever gone before.


  The Team took on the Olentangy Liberty Patriots in the final matchup on February 25 at the Fawcett Center on OSU’s campus. The match was filmed to be broadcasted on April 10. The Patriots started off the match with an early lead and maintained a short lead over the Panthers during the first half. The panthers kept the game close though, breaking ahead at the start of the second half with a streak of correct answers. Sadly, the Panthers’ lead was short lived, and the Patriots took a 90 point lead with a series of correct answers. Unfortunately, the Panthers were unable to close the gap, ending the match with a 95 point difference and a score of 505 to 410.

   Despite the tough loss, the team is still in good spirits and excited about their season.

   “My favorite part of the season is knowing that we’re the best Hilliard team in the history of the show,” Lyle stated, clearly still proud of his teammates and himself.


  Although the Trivia Team was unable to clinch a victory in the finals this year, the returning members are already preparing for next season. In the meantime, tune in to WOSU on Wednesday nights at 7:30 to watch other central Ohio schools, and even your very own Darby Panthers, compete on “In The Know.”



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