Trivia Team is a Great Place for Students to get Involved at Darby

The Trivia Club at Darby is a great place for students to make new friends and improve their overall knowledge. It is a great experience for students looking to get involved at Darby and have fun with friends. The club teaches students to critically think and encourages them to learn about what is happening in the world around them, as well as helps with public speaking and confidence. Clubs are a very important part of students lives at Darby, and a good extracurricular could give a student the inspiration they need to do great things inside and outside of school.

  Senior Jesse Mowell is very appreciative of the club.

  “It’s given me great public speaking abilities. Going behind big lights and having a mic in your face is by no means a walk in the park or stress-free,” said Mowell, “Simply facing this head on has let me really become comfortable speaking regardless of the situation.”

  The club does also participate in trivia competitions. The top five students including Mowell, Sophomore Noah Adams, Sophomore Lipika Narisetti, Senior Rahul Manne, and Junior Parth Datar make up the team and get to compete. The latest competition was on Monday, October 30th for the trivia show “In The Know,” and the episode will air on television on Wednesday, January 3rd.

  The club meets every Tuesday and Thursday, until 3:15 after school in room 202A, so be sure to check it out.

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