Trivia Team broadcasts their talents on “In the Know”

On January 3rd, the Darby Trivia Club broadcasted their talents on television. The trivia team competition aired on WOSU on ‘In the Know’, a show that tests participants from high schools around central and southern Ohio based on general high school knowledge. The team is made up of four students, sophomore Noah Adams, junior Rahul Manne, and seniors Jesse Mowell and Parth Datar. The team went up against four other students from Waverly High School.

  The host Bill Schiffman asked the two teams various questions based on high school subjects ranging from science to visual arts. Schiffman opened the show with the first question “How much is a dozen?”. Unfortunately the Waverly Tigers won the first points of the game, however, Datar from the Darby Panthers gained many points after, leading towards their win.

  Datar prepared in many ways for ‘In the Know’ even though he was a little nervous.

  “I have always regularly watch jeopardy. General knowledge I think is pretty important to trivia, just remembering the things you learn in everyday life is helpful,” Datar says, “At the beginning of Trivia I was a little nervous but, as the game went on and we keep gaining points I was more confident.”

  The coach for the Darby Panthers trivia team is Mr. Kevin Hunt. He teaches Broadcast Media and English for the school. Coach Hunt thought that their team did exponentially well, especially because of everyone’s contribution.

  “I thought we did awesome! There are a few things that I like to see, everyone scored and everyone scored in both halves so, I think that’s a success,” said Hunt, “I’m very happy that everyone got to contribute in a positive way.”      

  Unfortunately, there will not be any future competitions on television until next year, but students can still join the club which meets on some Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in room 202A.

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