Trends Through Put The Decade

As the new decade starts we reflect on how our life was and how we’ve changed. The trends that everyone was obsessed with have shaped the world today. They have helped us figure out what works and what doesn’t in our society. When we think about our past, it always makes you think, “Wow, did that really happen that long ago?” Yes, it really did.

   In 2010, the world was amazed by things called Silly Bandz. The small colorful bands were shaped like anything you could think of, and were on everyone’s wrists including Anna Sábado 

   She said that “Silly Bandz were my favorites because they were cute, fun to trade, and they were Inexpensive which made it easier for my mom.” 

   Everyone would show off the best one they had to others and trade for even better ones. 

   2011 had some very interesting trends such as hair feathers and planking. The hair feathers were worn by everyone, even celebrities. They came in all kinds of different styles and colors to represent everyone’s personalities

   Planking was a trend where people would get into a plank position and lay on any surface. Everyone was doing it; it was on TV shows, the news, and made no sense because someone would lay down on a surface and lay there but it still was a huge trend.

  2012 was stuck on one thing, and that was the Gangnam Style, a dance where a person would gallop in place and with their hands pretend they had a lasso. Most people didn’t even know what the song was saying but that didn’t matter. It was the dance and the chorus that everyone was hooked on. 

   2013 was a big year for the world, when everyone was glued to their phones to play the simply yet frustrating game, Flappy Bird.

  Dominic DiGioia was among the people who played the game. 

   He said, “The game was frustrating but also fun to see if you could beat your friend’s record.”

   Next up is 2014, if you remember anything about this year, you would remember the ice bucket challenge. This challenge, which supported ALS research, was where everyone would dump a bucket of ice cold water on their head and challenge other people to do the same thing. 

   2015 was filled with debates such as the black and blue or the white and gold dress. This dress had everyone frustrated because we would debate which one it was, and it would be the topic of that day. From then on, more and more things like this became popular and people loved them because it was exciting. 

   Another thing that happened in that year was the peak of popularity in The lip syncing app had almost everyone on it including Rosa Racevskis. She says that “It was fun and addictive.”

   2016 had a lot going on, such as Pokémon Go. This game had people going everywhere, no matter what time it was or how challenging it was to get there, just to catch the next Pokemon. 

   One of the people who played was Abby Munoz. 

   “It was fun and got me to go outside.,” Munoz said. 

   2017 was the peak of items like making and playing with slime, and fidget spinners. Slime was a huge ordeal. You always had that one person who would sell it to you, or would have this big box of borax under their sink from making it. I still do. 

   Fidget Spinners were huge that year as well. There was really no point to them but these 3 pointed toys that would spin on a ball bearing axis kept people interested.

   2018 was really special… really special. People participated in challenges such as the Kylie Jenner lip challenge and returning trend, the cinnamon challenge. These outrageous things had everyone wanting to try them. People already knew what would happen. For the cinnamon challenge, they would cough up the cinnamon and you would not be able to stop. For the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, participant’s lips would become huge because of the suction from the cup.

   Alexis Pennington enjoyed watching the Cinnamon Challenge videos because it made her laugh to people’s reactions to it. 

   Another dangerous trend people would try is the Tide Pod Challenge, where people would eat toxic laundry detergent called Tide Pods. 

   2019 was focused on TikTok. If it was on there, everyone was talking about it. The dances people made up were stuck in our heads, and it was the place where everyone would stay up until three in the morning watching videos on the “For You” page. 

   Emma Reynard can agree with this because she claims that she is addicted and can’t stop. 

   By the end of the decade we have had lots of unique trends that will be remembered. It’s exciting to think what trends we are going to have in the future or see if we bring up anymore trends from our past. It’s also crazy to think that this is what our childhood was, and it’s never going to be like this again. 

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