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[Title of Show] is an off- Broadway play about two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical. The performances took place Friday January 8 and Saturday January 9 at 7pm in the Darby PAC. Actors included, Audrey Craddick as Heidi, Jessie Straight as Susan, Christian Hill as Hunter, Matthew Connell as Jeff and Cassie Howard as herself and the musicals pianists. The show was the best one yet. Filled with humor, music and talented actors, [Title of Show] was one of the top school productions.

The audience sat in the theater Friday night, waiting in anticipation for another incredible production put on by the Darby theater program.  But I was not disappointed.

All students involved in the production did a fantastic job depicting what that meant along with singing through every situation. Though the cast only consisted of five people and one keyboard, it was absolutely magnificent and really showcased each individual’s talents. The commentary was both hilarious and true to real life scenarios from the struggles of writing to the constant struggle of staying true to yourself. Like, when the two main characters, Jeff and Hunter, are faced with the tough decision to cut their show to meet the demands of Broadway producers or to stay true to themselves and their original creation.

With many references to other plays, musicals and even Frozen, [Title of Show] has got it all and enjoyable for everyone. Songs like “Monkeys and Playbills” and “Nine People’s Favorite Thing” may sound strange but were just a couple of my favorite musicals numbers from the show.

With all the many musical numbers, amazing acting and hilarious script, this play was definitely a “must-see”.

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Lauren Rogers

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