‘Tis the season for apple picking

As the colder months start to roll around, there are so many options for autumnal activities to do in central Ohio. A fan favorite each year is apple picking at Lynd’s Fruit Farm. The orchard is notorious for their extensive collection of apple trees and their beloved apple picking season. Families come from all around the state to pick Winesap, Honeycrisp, Fuji and Gala apples from the beautiful rows of apple trees on the farm.

  Lynd’s Fruit Farm has been family owned since 1919, when it officially opened after moving to Licking County to pursue the booming Columbus market. Although the farm had been in business since 1919, it wasn’t until the 1960’s that Mitch Lynd, grandson of the founder, Alton Lynd, made the orchard a public apple picking location.

  Grace Marshall, a junior here at Darby, discussed her excitement for apple picking and why she enjoys going to the orchard each fall season.

  “Every time autumn comes around and the weather gets colder, I look forward to visiting the orchard and getting to hand pick ripe apples to take home and enjoy,” she explained.

  She added that participating in fall activities, such as apple picking, has become a tradition for her family to enjoy during the cozy season.

  On October 14th, I visited the fruit farm to go apple picking and see what all the hype was about. I started at the market, by the front entrance of the farm, which housed pumpkins, squash, bags of apples and countless pre-made fruit pastries to choose from. The market was bustling with life as families made their way around to each of the stands, carefully considering each product. As I made my way around the market, I found it difficult to pick just one thing to purchase.

  Outside the market, there were many places to take family photos, and food trucks were lined up to the side of the market for customers to enjoy hot dogs and other lunch foods. I made my way over to the apple picking area, parked my car and grabbed my bag that would later be filled to the brim with apples.

  “Eat what you like, and put the ones you want to save for later in the bag to pay for,” the worker said, as I pulled into a spot.

  Then, I began walking around the orchard through dozens of rows, eating and picking fresh winesap apples from their trees. Each tree had a large amount of apples to choose from. It was a very relaxing and fun experience overall, and I picked some really delicious apples that my family has been enjoying ever since.

  Apple picking season is officially in full swing, so you might want to consider taking a trip down to Lynd’s Fruit Farm for the day, you definitely won’t regret it!

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