Tips for finding your perfect Prom dress

As the school year winds down, there aremany things for students to look forward to such as senior water tag, graduation, warm weather, a few days off of school and for juniors, seniors, and some lucky underclassmen, prom.
  This year, Darby will be holding their dance on Saturday, April 27 at the The Exchange at Bridge Park. The theme is Night of a Thousand Lights.
  There is a lot of preparation and planning that can go into prom, which can make it a little stressful. People have to worry about finding a date or group of people to go with, getting reservations for dinner, finding a place to get pictures, and for girls, finding their prom dress.
 Prom dress shopping is an activity that can be stressful and overwhelming for many girls, however, it should be something that is fun and people can enjoy.
  In central Ohio there are lots of options for prom dresses, giving everyone a chance to find a great dress.
  Two popular and easy places to look at are Macy’s and JCPenny’s. You can find these stores at most malls, including but not limited to Tuttle Crossing and Polaris, and there is a Macy’s at Easton. From my experience, the Macy’s at Polaris has the best selection of dresses. The stores are easily accessible and it can be a part of a full trip to the mall, so you can go to other stores too. Most of the dress


es are reasonably priced, with a high number of them being under $200.00. The downside about Macy’s and JCPenny’s is that most of the dresses will best fit generic body types. The selection is primarily in the Juniors department, so if you’re a little taller, curvier, or more petite, it may be harder to find a dress at those retailers. However, if you do find a dress that fits decently well, with the money you could be saving at these stores, you may be able to afford alterations.
  Another popular option is David’s Bridal, which can be found on Sawmill and on Worth Avenue. Besides wedding and bridesmaids dresses, this company also sells prom and homecoming dresses. This place is more expensive than Macy’s or JCPenny’s, but you can still find some steals. These dresses are higher quality and they have more options for different body types. In my personal experience with David’s Bridal, I was shopping for a homecoming dress and the employees were very helpful and nice throughout the whole process. Unfortunately, I stand at about 6’0” tall and all of the dresses I tried on were way too short. I do not know for sure if that is the case for their prom dresses, but there’s a chance. Another good thing about David’s Bridal is that they offer alterations at the store, so you don’t have to find another business to make any of the adjustments.
  Other possible places you could look are Gowntastic, which is located on High Street, Henri’s Cloud Nine on Sancus Boulevard, or Dress & Party at the Mall at Tuttle Crossing. Typically, the nicer the store, the more diverse sizing options that will be available.

   With spring sports, AP testing, and other commitments, some people might not have time to go out and look for a dress for prom. If that is the case for you, then there are several websites you can order from. One of the most popular online resources is PromGirl has a wide selection, and the great thing about online shopping is that you can put in the necessary parameters so you only have to look through the dresses in your budget and size, as well as any other part of the dress you want to specify, such as color. The downside to some online stores is that they do not offer returns, and although several dress stores are like that as well, if you’re purchasing it at the store, you’ve had the opportunity to try it on.

  There are many options to look for your Prom dress, and there are a few things you should remember during the process.

  1. It doesn’t matter what other people are wearing or think; what’s most important is that you feel good about yourself in the dress.
  2. There is no designated amount of money that you should spend. You do not need a crazy expensive dress if that is something you and your family can’t afford. Some dresses are very inexpensive, some are not.
  3. Do not judge or criticize someone else for the amount of money they spend on a dress. Some people might not have the budget for a high end dress, and others might. If they are able and allowed to spend a lot of money on their dress, it should be none of your concern. Also, keep in mind that some of the dresses that are for different body types will cost more money.
  4. Enjoy the process. Go out with your mom, sisters, friends, whoever. If one dress doesn’t work, move on and find another one. The right one is out there somewhere.

Good luck on your prom dress search and have fun at the dance!

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