There’s plenty of ways to stay busy in Hilliard

Fall is often thought to end in November. Many people go from Halloween to Christmas, and skip Thanksgiving, the staple fall holiday. Several places around Hilliard have events to celebrate Thanksgiving and eventually Christmas. For instance, there are multiple holiday themed 5Ks and 10Ks the week leading up to Thanksgiving. Residents of Hilliard can also expect there to be a couple new restaurants and other local businesses to be opened in time for Christmas.

  On Sunday, November 18, the annual Hot Chocolate Run was held in downtown Columbus, with a very large crowd. Many Darby students participated, and the Hilliard Darby Key Club volunteered to help work the event.

  On Thanksgiving the annual Turkey Trot will be held on Lane Avenue, where finishers are awarded with a pumpkin pie.

  The month of December will begin with the Jingle Bell Run, which helps raise awareness for arthritis, and also helps people get into the holiday spirit.

  Legacy Smokehouse is scheduled to open in Old Hilliard sometime in December, after the original opening date of June was pushed back. The restaurant started off as food truck before opening a restaurant earlier this year in Columbus. The location in Hilliard will be the second and is expected to be an immediate hit.

  City Council is expected to vote later this month to see if an addition to the restaurant Swanson’s will be opened in Hilliard. The chain, originally from Northeast Ohio, opened their first location in central Ohio on November 9th.

  The week of Thanksgiving, also known as Michigan week in Columbus, will be host to many pregame festivities as the Ohio State Buckeyes are set to play their rivals to the north, The Michigan Wolverines on November 23, in Columbus. Even though it’s yet to be announced, it appears that College Gameday will be hosted by the Buckeyes, which always promises to be a great fan experience.

  One of the most anticipated events of the Christmas season is Holly Fest, which is held every year at Davidson High School. This year on December 1st, over 115 vendors will be on display with anything from baked goods, to Ohio State decorations on sale. It is also a great place to find Christmas presents, and never disappoints.

  There is always something to do around Ohio’s capital city, and the fall is the perfect time to find an adventure to go on.

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