The Top 10 Rom-coms for your Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re spending your Valentine’s day with friends or with your cutie, these 10 romantic comedies will make your Valentine’s day gushy and full of laughter.

  1. How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days
    • She’s a magazine writer with a “How-To” column and he’s in advertising. He places a bet with a diamond company that if he can hang onto a girl for more than 10 days, he will cover the advertisement for the company. She’s writing a story about what not to do in a relationship; How to lose a guy. How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days is a ‘He-She’ story filled with Manhattan nights, basketball games, and laughter. Will either of them be able to follow through or will they find themselves with a lost bet and no one to love?
  2. She’s The Man
    • Viola is tired of being treated as a “girl.” Viola wants respect and to be taken as a serious soccer player. With her brother in England, she decides to fill-in for him at his new boarding school. Viola faces many tribulations such as fitting in, expanding her soccer capabilities, and containing her attraction to her very cute roommate played by Channing Tatum. Will Viola be able to make it through unscathed and secure her brother’s spot at the school?
  3. Clueless
    • Gather all your gal-pals with plenty of snacks for this chick flick. Clueless follows a girl, Cher, through her life as a wealthy 90’s California teen. She and her friends initiate a romance between two of their teachers while finding romances of their own. Cher battles the problems of an everyday teen, but in a much more glamorous way.


  1. John Tucker Must Die
    • John Tucker is the superstar of his high school. Every girl swoons after him and every boy wants to be him. John Tucker has multiple girlfriends at a time and is not ashamed of it. The new girl Kate is familiar with John’s ways from the many boyfriend’s her mom has had. Kate is tired of John’s reign and wants to make a change. She teams up with John’s three ex -girlfriends and in the end, breaks John’s heart.
  2. Pretty Woman
    • A wealthy businessman hires a woman to escort him to various social events and keep him company at night. Julia Roberts plays a poor prostitute who is new to the business and new to town. After a long week of shopping and social outings the two find that they may actually be falling in love with each other.
  3. 13 Going on 30
    • Jenna Rink is an unconfident 13 year old who wants nothing more than to grow up with a successful job and a beautiful self-image. After Matt, her best friend, makes her a dream house and sprinkles wishing dust along the top, Jenna wakes up in a strange apartment 17 years older. With a cute boyfriend, a position as an editor at her favorite magazine, and a pretty face, Jenna finds herself in the midst of all she once hoped for. As Jenna molds into her new life she realizes not everything she had wished for is up to par.
  4. Bride Wars
    • Two girls. Two weddings. One city. One day. Emma and Liv have been bestfriends since they were kids. When both girls find themselves in the middle of an engagement, they are finally ready to fulfill their dreams of getting married at The Plaza Hotel. However when an error in the planning occurs, the girls find themselves in a fierce competition with each other — their lifelong friendship at stake.
  5. The Other Woman
    • Mark is a lying, cheating, and arrogant man. With one wife and many mistresses around the world, he leads Kate to Carly. Carly, an exclusive mistress, and Kate, Mark’s wife, make a plan to destroy Mark and all that he has. A story about strong-willed women and friendship, this movie should definitely be on your list for a Valentine’s Day spent with friends.
  6. A Cinderella Story
    • Sam and Austin have never been more opposite on the social circle. He’s captain of the football team and she’s diner girl. Although, what neither of them know is that their personalities could never be more similar. This tale will tell the story of Sam and Austin’s evolving friendship/romance… But where will the future take them?
  7. She’s All That
    • Zach Siler, the most popular guy in the school, just got dumped by his cheerleader girlfriend Taylor. With a declining reputation, he is desperate to find a way to maintain his popularity. Zach takes on the bet to transform nerdy Laney Boggs into a gorgeous prom queen. What Zach doesn’t realize is that slowly, he might be falling for Laney’s beautiful mind. Zach is left wondering, does appearance really matter or is it what’s on the inside that counts?


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