The time for Promposals is here again

Artwork by: Olivia Krumpe

A staple in high schools across America, Prom, is one of the biggest events of the school that Juniors, Seniors, and couple of lucky underclassmen look forward to, and Darby’s is right around the corner.

  With a little over a month until the big day, students are starting to prepare their outfit, dinner plans, picture locations, and ask their dates. Many people prefer to go with a group of friends, but others will attend with a date, and will most likely have a “promposal”. Promposals are becoming more popular every year as a fun and creative way to invite someone to Prom.

  Senior Cambron Hampton received a promposal last year, specific to her love for volleyball. She was asked with a sign that said “I really ‘dig’ you and would love to ‘set’ a date for…”, paired with a volleyball that said “Prom?”.

  While Hampton’s was more specific to her, other promposals are more general. Many are related to food, candy, or something big in pop culture at the time.

  A big misconception about promposals is the price. The amount of money someone wants to spend is their decision, but there are many ways to make promposals inexpensive so people do not feel like they need to spend a lot of money. At Michael’s Craft Store, poster board is at most $2, and grocery stores has bags of candy for $3. From there, someone would just need a cute line to write on the poster board and then they are ready to go.If someone needs a promposal idea, the internet is full of creative promposals that are specific to different interests.

  Hampton would advise anyone trying to plan a promposal to not try too hard.

  “Just do something cute/funny and it will be great,” Hampton shared.

  When the time comes to ask someone to Prom, whether you use a promposal or just asking them face to face, remember to be confident and have fun with it!  

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