The Stress of Homework

Imagine, the clock is at 11:00 pm, but there are still three more assignments to complete, some due at 11:59 pm and some in class. There is not enough time. Late, stressful nights are very common for students, and are mainly caused by an overload of homework. Most students struggle to finish all of their work by a deadline, and end up doing it during another class period. This takes away from the other class’s learning time, and becomes a continuous cycle of struggle in their classes.

  I have been down this road as well. Almost every night I struggle with finding a balance of extracurriculars, finishing my homework, and basic needs for myself. I also hear my peers complaining about their workload along with their sports, clubs, and work schedules.

  A poll from Hilliard Darby says that 25% of students take 3 hours of homework a night. Another 24% of students say they work on it for 4 hours or more.

  Some of my peers play a sport and it has become a burden on them. This is because most practices last for about two hours, and on game days it takes up their whole night. Junior Olivia Krumpe is a student athlete and believes that homework is helpful in some classes, but, it is not enjoyable. As a student athlete her season is more stressful with the homework.

  “There is a lot more pressure during the season because I know I need to get my homework done. Plus games and practices on top,” Krumpe says, “However, in season I have more motivation to get my work done so I can get to bed faster.”

  During seasons, student athletes are under more stress because of their homework and sport. I also have other friends who are in clubs, and the most common thing I hear is, “I don’t think I can go today. I have too much homework.” I think homework should not be getting in the way of extracurricular activities that will help the student become more well-rounded. Homework affects every students’ day and is allowing less time to sleep and do leisurely activities.


  Brett Miller, a math teacher here at Darby, has a unique way for students to get a fair amount of homework. His students will be given either a homework grade or a quiz grade. Homework is an optional practice that the student can turn in for a grade or they could just get quiz grades. At the end of each grading period whichever grade is better is taken. Miller thinks that homework is to prepare the student for their tests or quizzes and each student practices it differently.

  “Homework is the practice to get you ready for your assessment,” Miller says, “Every student needs a different kind of practice or different amount of practice.”

  Homework is taking away time from students to grow outside of school and giving them lots of stress. However, homework is made to help the student get ready for their next assessment. If given out properly, students will be able to get the practice they need with little stress. Either way I think schools should reform their homework tendencies to make it easier for students to do other activities.

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