The Special Needs Prom had a great turnout this year.

Special Needs Prom is an event held every year in Hilliard as a way for high schoolers with disabilities to be able to have their own prom experience. High schoolers from all over come for this opportunity.

Sophomore Morgan Bair, secretary of Key Club, believes that the prom is a very unique and entertaining event.

“Hilliard is one of the few schools that does the Prom in Ohio, and so many people come from different places to participate.”

When the students arrive, they receive a name tag and an escort for the night. The escorts’ job is to make sure that every student has the most fun as possible. Then, they go get their picture taken, and it’s time to hit the dance floor. There are also tons of games to play, and lots of food to eat.

It seems like every year the amount of people, especially volunteers, multiply.

“We had almost two hundred guests attend, and over three hundred volunteers, which is the best turnout we’ve ever had,” said Bair.

Many different clubs come to volunteer every year, including Darby’s Key Club and Interact Club. Even if you aren’t in a club, there are many other ways you can help out. The volunteers always have a great time, and love to come back every year to see new faces. It’s always a great and impactful experience whether you are a volunteer, an attendee, or just reading about it in the paper.

“It’s honestly one of the happiest feelings. It’s amazing to be apart of something that touches so many people’s lives,” said Bair.

If you can, definitely try and attend next year for good food, fun games, new experiences, and most of all, making new friends.

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