The secret life of Stan Zody

Although many students are in the dark about the lives of their teachers outside of the classroom, a teacher that some people are eager to learn about is Stan Zody. Zody is a really nice math teacher who you can always talk to if you ever need help with something in his class, or with math in general. Zody also has a family outside of Hilliard Darby, though his kids mainly follow through the Davidson route.

“I have a wonderful family that is made up of my oldest daughter Alexis who is in college currently, a daughter named Kelsey who is a Senior at Hilliard Davidson, a son AJ who is a freshman, and the youngest of the bunch is Mia who is a 7th grader over at Weaver Middle School. Also my wife is a teacher in the Hilliard District,” shared Zody. Zody really cares a lot about his family and loves them deep down.

Zody has also found more meaning in teaching than he expected.

“I decided to become a teacher primarily to do some coaching until I started getting used to the friendly classroom environment more than I had anticipated, and I really appreciate working with such great kids.” Zody had complimented not just his love for teaching and coaching but what great students and athletes he was working alongside.

On top of being a teacher and coach, outside of school he stays active while spending time with his loved ones.

“Some fun activities I like to do outside of school is staying physically active by working out and exercising a lot and also hang out with my family and my dog Cooper,” mentioned Zody as he talked about his life.

Zody really cares about his kids in class and said that he really wants the best for everyone and hopes that they can all keep their progression towards a good grade.

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