The Secret Life of Evan Bell

What do teachers really do outside of school: do they go straight home, stay at school, or something else? Of course in high school, you may not think about this that much as you are probably more focused on homework, quizzes, tests, and what grades you receive. Some people might vaguely remember meeting a teacher at a grocery store, at a library or just standing in the line at your local Wendy’s. All of these are jarring reminders that teachers still have lives outside of school.

One teacher that people may find interesting is Evan Bell because he is not only a finance teacher, but also a former Darby athlete.

“I certainly did enjoy being here as a student, I am a product of Hilliard city schools from K-12. I was a Darby Panther freshman and sophomore year until I got shipped over to Hilliard Bradley. Even then, with a lot of my friends and the teachers who were really supportive and I would say that they had really prepared me for college,” said Bell.
He also shared about how he truly cared about his life at school before moving up as a teacher in order to help students.

“I decided to become a teacher because I really enjoy helping people and on top of that, being able to help the youth which seemed very interesting and intriguing. Being in this district while I grew up, I got to see first hand of the impact of the teachers so I wanted to come back and have a same impact on our students,” Bell explained.

Bell really liked Hilliard since he grew up with his family here, it sounded like he wanted to stay in the area. His family members are all into athletics, and so is Bell. In his own life, he likes to play basketball, ride his bike and play volleyball year round.

“Outside of school, I am very involved in athletics as I am the head coach for Men’s Volleyball here at Darby. As a program, we also like to help out the girls Volleyball by being at games, cheering them on, line judging, and scoring. I am very active, I love being outdoors spending time with the family. I do like staying in tune with sports and also some teams like the Buckeyes.” Bell said.

Bell is a very intriguing person and there may be a few things that you may not know about him. “Well I am very open especially in the classroom, but something my students may not know about me is that I still tie my shoes with two bunny ears.” Bell mentioned.
All in all, Bell sounded very enthusiastic about teaching while cracking a good joke every now and then while still keeping his students firmly on task.

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