the school years almost over, and summers about to start

School year:

The 2017-2018 school year was filled with sports, creativity, and new experiences. With the year finally coming to a close it is time to reflect on everything since August.

  Students trickled into the halls of Darby for the first time of the school year on August 16, 2017 as nervous freshmen tried to remember where their classes were and excited seniors began their final year of high school.

  The first major event of the year was the total solar eclipse on August 21. Every student in the district was given free glasses to view the sun with and let out of their classrooms around 1:30 to view the experience. The next total solar eclipse to be seen in the U.S. will be on April 8, 2024.

  Throughout the past nine months there have been natural disasters all over the world including Hurricane Harvey hitting the Gulf Coast in mid August, Hurricane Irma travelling over Florida at the end of August, and Hurricane Maria hurting Puerto Rico in September. Puerto Rico did not have above 90 percent of their power back until about a month ago, according to The New York Times.

  On top of the many hurricanes experienced in 2017, California experienced the most deadly wildfire season ever recorded in December, which cost the government over 13 billion dollars and took the lives of 43 people.

  In the sports world the Cleveland Browns experienced their worst season ever by going 0-16: the second team ever to not win a single game. It will be hard for the Browns to perform any worse next season.

  On a more local note, February 13th saw a women’s restroom on the second floor of Darby partially flooded the first floor with the water travelling through the elevator shaft. To the dismay of many students this did not result in any delays or cancellations the next day.

  The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang began on February 9 and lasted until the 25th with team USA winning nine gold medals, eight silvers, and six bronzes.

  After the horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida there were multiple school shooting threats not only in Hilliard but all around central Ohio. Luckily none of these were carried out, but they motivated students to take action against gun violence.

  In response to all of the school shootings in the U.S. as well as the one in Parkland there was a national walkout on March 14 with many students protesting in favor of more gun control. Darby’s interpretation of this was to have a ceremony in which any student that wanted to participate would walk past 17 candles, one for each of the Parkland victims, and meet on the football field for a moment of silence.

  Another protest sparked by school shootings was March 24’s “March for Our Lives” protests that popped up across the world with one even being held in downtown Columbus. Those protesting were in favor of stricter gun laws, especially in schools.

  April 27th was the release date for the next highly anticipated Marvel film, Avengers: Infinity War, a film that broke many records, such as being the fastest film to hit $1 billion from the box office.

  After snow being seen all the way until mid April, nice weather finally hit right before the first of May as students began to wear shorts and sandals to school.

  Students are now finally wrapping up the 2017-2018 school year as AP testing comes to an end and everyone looks forward to the summer months.

Written by: Madeline Capka


With the school year almost out, summer is on many people minds, and for more than one reason. Summer 2018 is looking to be promising, with many new things happening in the community of Hilliard, and nationally.

  Anyone who wants to get one last visit in to the Columbus Metropolitan Library in Hilliard will need to go before June 6th, because the new location is set to open on June 21st. After nine months of construction, avid readers will have to wait three weeks while all of the books are transferred after the closing of the old library before enjoying the brand new library.

  Music fans all over central Ohio will be pleased with the many acts that making stops on their tours in Columbus. Concerts are set for the whole summer at Nationwide Arena, Ohio Stadium, Mapfre Stadium, and Express Live and there will be over 100 different musical acts performing including Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, and Maroon 5.

  Many people prefer spending their summers outside, but many anticipated movies are coming to theaters over the summer. Marvel will continue its record setting year with both Deadpool 2, and Ant-man and The Wasp premiering over the summer. There is also Incredibles: 2 a movie that many fans have wanted for almost 20 years.

  For people who want to spend more of their time outdoors, the Columbus Arts Festival will be taking place June 8th-10th. During the festival there will also be performers at bicentennial park in downtown Columbus.

  As always the Ohio State Fair will be a good way to end the summer. It takes place July 25- August 5 and always promises good food and fun rides.

  Summer always takes way too long to come and then goes by too quickly. If people are stuck in Columbus, there are still many things to do, and events to attend.

  Kids will return to school on Tuesday, August 22 for another school year that feels way too long.

Written by: Alexa Capka

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