The Road to the NBA Championship

The first round of the NBA Playoffs have come to a close after showcasing the NBA’s elite talent. This year has been much different from the past couple of years with a few exciting series and some new teams proving they can compete to win the NBA Finals.

  For the last three years the NBA Finals have consisted of two teams, the Warriors and the Cavaliers. Unfortunately, the Warriors have won two of those three meetings, but we won’t talk about that. This year I wouldn’t be surprised if the Houston Rockets take down the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals and end up meeting the young star studded group in Philadelphia. Although I would love to see LeBron in The Finals once again, I have come to realization that his team is not the same team it once was and will struggle to get by Toronto in the next round. Well respected ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith agrees.

  “As much as I love LeBron and hate to bet against him, it’s hard to see him taking on a young group like Boston or Toronto where they have so many weapons, said Smith, “I just don’t think LeBron has the troops to go to war with these guys.”

  It’s hard to handle, but its the truth. LeBron won the first round of the playoffs against the Pacers by himself. He lead the team in scoring, assists, and rebounds, and was second in steals. He accounted for 46% of the Cavaliers total production which was barely enough to get the job done in seven games against the No. 6 seed. My prediction for the Eastern Conference Finals will be the Boston Celtics against the Cleveland Cavaliers, where the greatest player of all time will give Cleveland the edge.

  The West on the other hand is very easy to predict because there are only two contenders. The Houston Rockets will meet the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals. This series is must watch basketball because the winner of this seven game series will win the NBA Finals. The Rockets have won three of the last four meetings between the two teams this year, however the playoffs bring out a different animal in the Warriors which is scary to see.

  This year will hopefully be different from the last couple years, as people are getting tired of seeing the same teams in the NBA Finals. This year could take a turn and really surprise some people. However, don’t be shocked to see the Warriors stomp on the Cavaliers in five games again.


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