The return of Ms. Hall

This year English teacher Lauren Hall returned to Darby. After leaving Grove City School District, Ms. Hall decided that her home was here at Darby High School.

  Ms. Hall graduated high school from Davidson, and then graduated from college from The University of Dayton. A year after she graduated college she moved to Paris, France to teach French speaking children the English Language.

  “I taught English to French speaking students for a year after I graduated college, I lived in Paris, and worked with students of varying ages from elementary to high school, and  then also was a tutor for local business professionals,” Hall explained.

  Hall loves it here at Darby. She is happy she had the opportunity to come back and teach here again after she was a long term substitute teacher for Mrs. Ferreri.

  “I’m really excited to be teaching here at Darby; there is a great atmosphere, a great staff, and a great group of students. When I taught here before I had an amazing experience and couldn’t wait to come back,” Hall shared.

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