The R-Factor In Hilliard City Schools

Every student in the Hilliard City School District should be familiar with the R-Factor, as the district was one of the first districts to partner with the organization that created it, Focus 3. In California during the 1980s, creator Tim Kight started the Focus 3 group hoping that he could help people become better leaders and performers. After years of implementing this program, student engagement to the R-Factor has decreased because of the repetitiveness of the lessons, while some adults have been positively impacted by it. 

   After watching a star athlete win his 10th championship, Tim Kight began to wonder what exactly made a great performer different from an average performer. He researched behavior and mindset and found that the two types of people think differently. This is when founded his organization. 

   The main goal of the Focus 3 group stated on their website is to “…help organizations build better leaders, better culture, and better behavior.” 

   The group tries to achieve this goal by teaching individuals skills and lessons that will improve their lives. The systems created by the group are the R Factor, Lead Now, and Exceptional Culture.

   The Hilliard City School District was the first school district to become involved with Focus 3 and to adopt the R-Factor system. The Focus 3 group had to adjust some of their lessons in order to better relate to a school setting. Every student that attends a Hilliard School should be knowledgeable about the program because they experience it regularly.

   According to the Hilliard City School District website in 2016, “Focus 3 and the Hilliard City School District is partnering to bring this leadership model to our students. Our team in Hilliard is creating age-specific teacher modules… for our students. We know that the life skills we teach our students… must be balanced with the academic skills we provide in our classrooms.”

   The R-Factor has proved that it can be beneficial to both students and adults, as it teaches them valuable skills. 

   Director of Education Partnerships for Focus 3, Dawn Sayre stated, “I have spoken with several adults that say it has literally ‘saved their life’.” 

   Although R-Factor may be life changing for some adults, after so many years it has become repetitive and less engaging for students. To help resolve this problem, I think that the R-Factor could use some change and a new approach better aligned to the minds of younger people.

   Hilliard Darby High School sophomore, Mikayla Heit believes that teaching new material is needed to improve the R-Factor. 

   “They teach the same thing from sixth grade up to twelfth. It gets really repetitive and that’s why people get so annoyed,” said Heit.

   Many other students of Darby, myself included agree with Mikayla’s statement. 

   In the future, Focus 3 wants to improve and spread their systems into other schools. Right now, they are working on creating three new programs: Student Leadership Academy, Education Resource Center, and connections between R Factor and other tools. 

   Sayre said that Student Leadership Academy will be used to teach individuals skills pertaining to leadership and behavior. She also said that the Education Resource Center is going to be a ‘warehouse’ located online full of resources for schools to become better.

   Each time Darby students wait in their third period classes on the first Wednesday of every month, the majority are hoping for some change. Maybe as students become more involved in the creation of the R-Factor content the R-Factor will become something more exciting for students. As of now, we have to endure the lessons just as they teach us.