The new Hilliard Library has something there for everyone

On June 21st, 2018, the Columbus Metropolitan Library officially opened its new Hilliard Branch. Located in the Hickory Chase development off of Leap Road, this two-story building is two times the size of the former Hilliard Library, which was on Cemetery Road.  

  This new library has something for everyone somewhere in its 63,000 square feet of space. Robin, the branch manager at the Hilliard Library, has noticed an increase in the  number of high school students coming to the library since they opened their new building, and she believes that the space is a big reason why.

  “Part of the reason is this building is much bigger, so [the old branch] only had the 20,000 square feet and the teen area was much smaller and we didn’t have all the study rooms,” Robin explained.

  When you enter the library, immediately to your left you can pick up reserves and check 

out any books, CD’s, or DVD’s that you want to take home. If you don’t have a reserve, and walk straight in, past the stairs, that’s where you can find the children’s books. On the right hand side of the first floor there is a cafe where you can purchase coffee, donuts and other snacks. The homework help center is just past that, where students grades K-12 can

 take any work that they need help with during certain hours after school. Finally, in the back corner of the bottom floor is a big, open room that has glass walls, letting in natural light during the day. There are tables and chairs, and some chairs around coffee tables.

  The second floor of the library has the rest of the books, 11 study rooms, three meeting rooms, computers and many more amenities. When you walk up the stairs, you will be greeted with a help desk. At this desk, the employees can help you with many things, including reserving a study room. The study rooms are a series of spaces along the stairway that can hold either two people or a small group, and are where students can collaborate and get work done, without having to worry about being silent. To the left of the help desk is a silent room with a bunch of individual tables and chairs, at which patrons can work or read in absolute silence. If you turn right at the top of the stairs, you will first be metby conference rooms and shelves of books. After you pass the books, you will find a high school student area where during certain hours, only students grades 9-12 can work there. There is a table of Mac computers next to a little area where kids can play video games. Next to this room, there is a big open space with lots of tables and chairs so people can work in both small or big groups. This wraps around to the front of the library, making it easy for people to find somewhere to sit and work. Also on the second floor, but separate from the tables, is a mini computer lab that has a few round tables of PC touchscreen desktops. The printers are also in this area; it costs a couple cents per page to print there.

  Overall, the new Hilliard Library is a great addition to the city. Its modern interior and many amenities makes it a great place for people of all ages to go, even if you don’t have a library card. Although, I do recommend getting one since it is a free, makes logging on to the computers easier, and is necessary if you find a book and want to take it home to read.

  As the end of the year is approaching, so is the time for finals, projects, and AP tests. The library is a great place to go and get your homework done, get extra help in school, study for tests, or even meet up with other people for a study group.

  Senior Reema Ayesh goes to the library often to study.

   “It’s quiet and a great learning environment. It gives me a chance to meet up with friends and study for tests together,” Ayesh shared.

  It is located on 4500 Hickory Chase Way, Hilliard, OH 43026, and is open seven days a week; 9:00am-9:00pm on Monday through Thursday, 9:00am-6:00pm on Friday and Saturday, and on Sundays, it is only open from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

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